C.H.I.L.L. League


Open to lacrosse players in 10th- 12th grade.


Players will participate in the CHampion Indoor Lacrosse League (C.H.I.L.L.). The first two weeks will consist of instructional practices learning from professional and Team USA indoor box players. The next six weeks will be league game play. The middle school age level will receive instructional practices every week and scrimmage between two teams. If there are enough players, we will form a four-team league for middle school.


We will mix JV and Varsity players to form a four-team league of roughly 15-17 players per team. High school teams are welcome to enter a team for the league. Entered teams need to provide a goalie.  Players who are not already on a team will be placed on one.


Games will be five versus five with goalies, a 30-second shot clock and two 25-minute running time halves.  Games officiated by NLL officials!


Players must have all lacrosse equipment, including short stick (no longs) and flat sneakers. Goalie box lacrosse equipment is available to those who don’t have their own.  Players will receive a Champion box jersey.

About Box

Champion Lacrosse is the only program that offers professional indoor box lacrosse instruction. We feel that there is great value in coaching indoor box lacrosse because it gives players a greater opportunity for possession of the ball. We’ve found in one of our recent studies that in a 48-minute high school field lacrosse game, the average player has possession of the ball 12 times per game. In an indoor box lacrosse game played on a 200’ x 80’ ice rink area, THE AVERAGE PLAYER DOUBLED HIS AMOUNT OF POSSESSION TO 24 TIMES PER GAME.

Indoor box lacrosse promotes faster skill development and makes for a more enjoyable experience. Playing on a smaller field area promotes creativity to beat defenders. Shooting on a smaller 4’ x 4’ indoor net, compared to a 6’ x 6’ field net, improves shooting accuracy. Overall, indoor box lacrosse accelerates the learning process with more touches and possession time to develop stronger stick skills. As a result, players gain more confidence in their abilities.

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C.H.I.L.L. League

Field Lacrosse Training #2 @ Sahlen's Sports Park

Dates: 1/9, 9/16, 9/23, 9/30, 2/6, 2/13, 2/20