Private Lessons

We work with players individually to provide maximum attention while focusing on areas of improvement. After a brief warm-up, your session will be followed by an hour of specifically designed drills tailored to accomplish your goals as a player. You will receive individual training and instruction for an hour, and we will customize your lesson to meet the needs of your lacrosse game. Each instruction period is tailored with one goal in mind: to make you the best lacrosse player you can be and ultimately become a Champion.

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Private Lessons

Field Lacrosse Training Session #2 @ Buffalo Bills Fieldhouse

Open to any boys lacrosse player in grades 5th-12th

Dates: Thursdays 1/9/14 – 2/20/14


7-8:30 pm – 5 – 8th graders
8:30-10 pm – 9 – 12th graders

Cost: $150


Box Lacrosse Training & CHILL Session #2 @ Epic Center

Box Lacrosse Training/Scrimmages- Open to boys lacrosse players in grades 4th – 9th
CHILL League – Open to boys lacrosse players in grades 10th – 12th

Dates: Mondays 1/6/14 – 2/24/14


5:30-6:30 pm – 4- 6th graders
6:30 – 7:30 pm – 7- 9th graders
7:30 – 9:30 pm – 10- 12th graders

$150 – Clinic/Training
$165 – CHILL League